The scams claim to offer users discounted or free ‘V-Bucks

A new report by ZeroFOX has revealed that from September to October 2018, there were at least 53,000 Fortnite scams – the majority of which were generated from social media.

The scams claim to offer users discounted or free ‘V-Bucks’ – the in-game currency that allows players to buy items.

V-Bucks can only be purchased through the Fortnite game itself, but the scam sites lure young players in under the false pretence of getting a bargain.

“Yet, that hasn’t stopped bad actors from creating fake coupon sites and “V-Buck generators” to lure innocent players into sharing personal information, ranging from their Fortnite usernames and passwords to their credit card information and home addresses.”

The scams come in various forms.

V-Buck Generators

The first category is ‘free v bucks no human verification ios, which are hosted on sites that look and feel like Fortnite itself, where you would usually purchase V-Bucks.


Next are web scams, which tend to use domains that contain the word “Fortnite” and words like “gift” or “free” to trick players into assuming that the sites are associated with the game itself.

Once a player clicks on the site, they’re prompted to fill out a form with their personal information – including credit card information and Fortnite login details.

ZeroFOX added: “Through ZeroFOX’s research, we’ve identified over 4,770 live domains related to these kinds of scams – and the number continues to grow.”

YouTube Video scams

Several scams are hosted on YouTube, with videos claiming to demonstrate ways to get free V-Bucks.

Links under the video are often malicious, and require users to fill out a form with their personal details.

ZeroFOX discovered over 1,390 videos, with combined millions of views.

Social media scams

Many of these fake links are also shared by bad actors via social media.

ZeroFOX said: “Posts show bad actors relying on financial gain as a motivator to encourage unsuspecting players to share valuable personal information.

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