Fortnite Season 8 Week 3 where the magnifying glass sits on the treasure map loading screen

Battle Royale’s Season 8 Discovery challenges continue in Week 3 with a fun new loading screen inspired by Indiana Jones, except this time around, it’s the female Sidewinder skin stealing some treasure from an ancient ruin.

Week 3 kicked off Thursday morning a little bit later than usual, but once players complete seven new challenges — like finding where the magnifying glass sits on the treasure map loading screen — they’ll be able to claim a secret battle star.

Similar to Snowfall in Season 7, Discovery awards any player who completes all seven weekly challenges with a secret loading screen leading to a battle star or hidden banner. Doing all of this is a lot of work, but for the most dedicated Fortnite players, it’s essential.

The third Discovery loading screen features Sidewinder, the red-eyed snake-charmer, stealing a golden snake statue from a shrine as arrows whiz by her head,v buck generator no doubt triggered from some kind of trap. There are some serious Indiana Jones vibes here.
Sidewinder really likes snakes.

In the lower-left corner of the map is the clue we need, painted on the wall in white. It shows a presumably different shrine, but one that players might’ve noticed since the start of Season 8.
Note the two distinct animal statues. The battle star is located at the bottom of the steps.

This particular location bears similar architecture to Sunny Steps, but it’s actually located a good distance to the south, east of the volcano. The shrine faces east and is at the end of a dirt path that’s visible from the map and the sky. The secret battle star will appear at the bottom of the steps, so if you think it looks like a face, that’s on the tip of the nose.

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