Epic Games have announced compensation that affected players can look forward to

After hearing the outcry from the community over the miscommunication, Epic Games has issued a response on the matter and detailed exactly when players can expect compensation.


In a post to the r/FortniteBR subreddit, Epic confirmed that they had identified players who have claimed the Eon bundle and will be issuing one of two different rewards to the affected players.

For those who bought the bundle and already owned Save the World, 2,000 v buck generator will be doled out.

On the flip side, Save the World will be granted to those players who bought the bundle and did not yet own it.

Epic also confirmed that the rewards will be given upon the release of the v7.20 update, which we expect to be released on January 15 as part of Fortnite’s usual update schedule.

The rewards won’t be available immediately, however, as they will take “several hours” to complete, meaning players will need to sit tight if it takes a while for them to show up.

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