A new week in Fortnite means yet another set of challenges to complete on the road to unlocking the tier 100 Luxe skin

A new week in Fortnite means yet another set of challenges to complete on the road to unlocking the tier 100 Luxe skin. It’s worth mentioning that finishing these challenges doesn’t just help unlock the Luxe cosmetic, but it adds up to the secret Discovery skin as well as the hidden banner reward as a result. Once players beat the season 8 week 4 challenges, be sure to find the hidden banner for Fortnite week 4.

Per usual, there are three free Fortnite challenges for players to complete and four Battle Pass challenges to do, all of which will help players hit tier 100 on the Battle Pass. Because the overtime reward of season 7 was the actual season 8 Battle Pass, it’s likely many will need help completing all seven challenges, so here’s how to beat the Fortniteseason 8 week 4 challenges.

Stage 1 of 5: Land at Tilted Towers

The first challenge of season 8 week 4 is a simple landing challenge. All Fortnite players must do is land in each of these areas in order.

  1. Tilted Towers
  2. Junk Junction
  3. Retail Row
  4. Happy Hamlet
  5. Pleasant Park.

Use the Baller in different matches (0/5) 

For those tuning into the season late, Fortnite developer Epic Games recently introduced a new vehicle in the former of the Baller, a single-seat gyrosphere that comes equipped with a grapple plunger. This may take a few matches to complete, but players simply need to find one of these vehicles and use them for the challenge. Some of the better locations on the Fortnite map to search may be north of the volcano or Frosty Flights, though they are scattered rather evenly across the Battle Island.

Get an elimination with a Scoped weapon and a Suppressed weapon (0/2)

Fortnite players working on this challenge will need to score eliminations with a scoped weapon and a suppressed weapon. These include the scoped assault rifle, the scoped thermal rifle, or the scoped revolver, and the suppressed assault rifle, the suppressed sub-machine gun, the suppressed sniper rifle, or the suppressed pistol.


Launch yourself through structures with a Pirate Canon (0/25)

One of the newly introduced weapons in Fortnite is the Pirate Cannon, which as the challenge suggests, players can be shot out of. The difficulty of this challenge is that players must launch themselves through structures, though the phrasing may suggest that this could include their own. Doing this 25 times will yield the player 5 battle stars for the season 8 Battle Pass.

Search Buried Treasure (0/2)

This Fortnite challenge also requires players to take advantage of one of the new additions to the battle royale title. Twice, players will need to find the Treasure Map item and use it to dig up loot, which usually contains a few legendary weapons.

Eliminate opponents at Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park (0/3)

This elimination challenge requires 3 kills in v buck generator the two named locations. Luckily, this challenge can also be completed in conjunction with the landing challenge, as Happy Hamlet and Pleasant Park are stages 4 and 5, respectively. Landing in these areas, grabbing a weapon quickly, and dispatching an enemy or two should see this challenge done, if lucky, in just a couple of Fortnite matches.

Stage 1 of 3: Outlast 60 opponents in a single match (0/3)

The staged, Battle Pass challenge of this week in Fortnite requires players to outlast a certain number of opponents in a single match. The first stage requires players to outlast 60, the second stage to outlast 70, and the final stage to outlast 80. In other words, players will need to remain alive until less than 40, 30, and then 20 players are remaining to complete this challenge. The likeliest scenario for this challenge is that players can complete it without much thought by just playing a few matches.

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